Real Madrid and its history

The FC Madrid team was formed in 1902 under the management of the Padros brothers. Although Spain was already immersed in the pleasure of football at that time, it was this Real Madrid team that raised its value.

Football to the Spanish people

The first match that was organised in Spain by the president of the club FC Madrid was a success as a whole with great matches between the 5 clubs that existed at the time hence: new FC de Madrid, the Spanish football club, the club Vizcaya, FC Madrid, and FC Barcelona. This competition was organised to celebrate the reign of the new king Alfonso XIII, and every year a tournament is organised by the president of the club Real Madrid to honour the king. And since that time, FC Madrid has always competed for the King's Cup trophy. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that Real Madrid really made its successes and started to put tracks on its steps. It was the first club in its region to join forces with other clubs on an international basis and to organise a match against a team from another country, such as the Gallia Club from Paris. In 1909 FC Madrid conceived the international federation of the football team. 

To the rush of the club's history

It was in 1920 that the Real Madrid crest really took on its identity, as FC changed to Real, a name given by King Alfonso. King Alfonso always made an effort to attend all the club's matches. Since then, the club has always carried the honour of Madrid and the popularity of the team has increased accordingly. But, it has been noticed that with time the image of the crown on the logo of Real Madrid has disappeared. The main reason for this is that after the war the Spanish economy and finances were in a state of loss and it became a republic. So, it's logical that the football clubs lost the crowns. And Real Madrid returned to its old name of FC Madrid. Until 1939, there was no more sports activity because the country was in civil war, and it was only in 1940 that FC Madrid took back its name of Real Madrid. 

Finally, for the real twist in history, it was in 1943 that the Bernabeu was elected president of the club as Real Madrid. A former player of the team who played more than 700 games during the 14 years of the club's existence. The club has been rebuilt, and we also have the Yé-Yé phenomenon.